Summer Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

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Have fun and refreshment in the summer!

œ” QUALITY FAMILY TIME: Spend time playing with your children in imaginative and new ways and keep them away from the screen!

œ” COOLING EFFECT: Cool yourself and others on hot summer days with this giant unicorn-shaped yard sprinkler!

œ” EASY SET UP: Don't waste time on complicated inventions, when you can set up this unicorn sprinkler without any effort!

œ”MAGICAL LOOK: Kids will love a water toy in the shape of a unicorn than sprinkles water from its horn!

Have fun in the summer with this unicorn-shaped yard sprinkler. Set it up for birthdays, picnics, children's parties, backyard barbecues, or on a regular hot summer day. Both boys and girls of all ages will love a magical giant unicorn that spatters water from its horn.

Use the sprinkler to cool yourself and others. You can even play games under the sprinkling water to entertain the kids and keep them away from TV and smartphones and spend some quality time with them. Bring a brand new kind of fun to your family. Your kids will love it

Inspire your kids imagination with this water toy. Unicorn sprinkler is so easy to set that children can even do it themselves. Just inflate it, put a garden hose in it and let the fun start. You can also put it away and store it just as easily.

Entertain your kids and keep them away from the screen! Get yours today!

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