Practice Soccer Kit

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Train hard and boost your soccer skills!

œ” TRAIN LIKE A PROFESSIONAL: Set up your equipment and start training! Improve your shot accuracy, speed, reflexes, and passing while training every day!

œ” HIGH-QUALITY ELASTIC CORD: Thanks to the adjustable belt, both children and adults can use it and the high-quality cord that is attached to the ball, can stretch up to 18 feet (5.5 meters)!

œ” EASY TO USE: Simply adjust and put on the belt, find a field, or a spacious area and you are all set to go! Spend hours of training and improve your skills!   

œ” IDEAL FOR EVERYONE: Suited for both field players and goalies, amateurs, and professionals! The kit is portable so you can carry it around anywhere for solo practice!

This amazing training kit minimizes the time spent chasing the ball, offering efficient solo soccer training that improves shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, throw-ins, and more!

Featuring an adjustable neoprene ball glove, it can accommodate soccer ball sizes 3, 4, and 5! The neoprene belt with an adjustable hook and loop closure fits players of most sizes and the ball is tethered to the player with a high-quality adjustable cord that stretches up to 18 feet

Ideal for both field players to improve passing control and accuracy, and goalies to work on punting and reflexes! Portable for solo play, training, or practice anywhere.

Gather up your strength, get on the field, and start practicing! Enhance your soccer performance with ease while training as a true professional!

Improve your soccer skills with ease! Get yours today!

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