Outdoor Misting Cooler Fan System

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Enjoy your time at the patio and balcony without suffering from the heat!


Enjoy your backyard cookout or relax by pool in the summer with this Outdoor Misting Cooler Fan System that instantly cools the area making it much more comfortable to stay outdoors all summer long. 

Designed to be easily installed even by beginners, no technicians or handymen needed to assemble this. No extra costs! Feel the fine mist that instantly lowers temperatures down to 86°F even during the hottest summer days.


  • Great Cooling Solution -This effective outdoor cooling down system keeps the environment nice and cool with fine mist. Cool down instantly without soaking people.
  • Money and Energy Saving - Directly uses water to cool down without the need for electricity. Much more efficient cooling method compared to turning on the fan.
  • Easy Assembly - Comes in a complete kit with easy to follow instructions
  • Lasting and DurableThe nozzle is designed with eddy current and built-in filter to prevent clogging
  • Wide Application. Perfect for agriculture or flowers, plants,  outdoor, greenhouse, lawn, garden, patio, landscaping, swimming pool. 


  • Water spray diameter: 80cm/ 31.50 inches

  • Hose outer diameter: 7mm

  • Hose inner diameter: 4mm

  • Hose Length: 10m/32 ft 

  • Fine mist particles ‰¤70 microns (fine mist instead of smoke-like)

  • Removable nozzle for easy cleaning

Package Includes:

  • 1*10m/32 ft Hose

  • 1*Faucet Connector Accessories

  • 1*Faucet

  • 10*Nozzles

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