Neck Relief Hammock

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If You Have 10 Minutes, You Have Time To Relieve Your Neck Pain€¦

Many people, after having one episode of neck pain, will have another episode of neck pain some months or years later. The evidence suggests that this may occur over their lifetime or for a good part of a lifetime. About one-third of people with chronic or recurrent neck pain also report symptoms as light-headedness or a dizzy feeling, some unsteadiness with balance and, occasionally, visual symptoms.

Poor posture, working at a desk for too long without changing position, sleeping with your neck in a bad position are some of the reasons for neck pain. In these cases, your neck pain should go away if you practice good posture and rest your neck muscles. 

Neck Hammock quickly relieves neck pain from the comfort of your own home. Its patented technology combines resistance bands and gravity to give you a controlled stretch, helping with improved posture, increased circulation, and fewer pinched nerves. It pulls the tension out of those tight, inflamed muscles in your neck while you rest!

Using The Neck Hammock

Pain relief is as simple as laying down €“ Just hang the The Neck Hammock on your door, insert your head, set a timer for 10-15 minutes, and voila! After a few short sessions, youll start to feel the ache in your neck melt away like ice on a hot summers day.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety €“ Seriously€¦customers report that The Neck Hammock is so relaxing, youll have to try not to fall asleep while using it!

Fits into your busy schedule €“ Neck pain never happens at a convenient time. So use The Neck Hammock whenever youre ready€¦one session only takes a few minutes!

Always travel-ready €“ On the go? Neck Hammock fits neatly inside its spandex carrying pouch, which easily stores in your luggage when traveling. It also doesnt need any batteries or charging, so you can count on it wherever you go!

The more you use it, the better youll feel €“ You put pressure on your neck all day €“ every time you bend over, stare at a computer screen, or read a text message. Using Neck Hammock frequently is a great way to gradually undue the daily wear and tear on the muscles and ligaments around your spine.

Anyone can set up The Neck Hammock €“ It only takes 3 steps! Wrap it around any door or railing to use it after a long flight, in the hotel room, on your lunch break, or in the comfort of your own home after a stressful day. 

A Few More Things To Love About The Neck Hammock€¦

  • Use it anytime, anywhere €“ The Neck Hammock can wrap around any door, railing, or pole €“ giving you the flexibility to use after a long flight in the hotel room, on a yoga mat on the beach, or after a stressful day of work in the comfort of your own bedroom.

  • Relief in minutes €“ All it takes is 10 €“ 15 minutes a day to properly stretch your neck and relieve your tension! If your neck is in really bad shape, use it 2 €“ 3X a day for 15 minutes at a time.

  • Melts away stress and anxiety €“ Customers report that The Neck Hammock is so relaxing, youll have to try not to fall asleep while using it!

  • Perfect for travel €“ Easily stores in your luggage when traveling, or simply place in your dresser when youre done at home. Hand washable, one size fits all!


Package Content:

1 x Neck Hammock

2 x Sling

1 x Lanyard

1 x Cloth Bag 


NOTICE: Created by a doctor and physical therapist, the Neck Hammock was an invention born out of necessity. Perfect gift for family and friends.

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