Motion Sensor Solar Lights

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Worried about the possibility of house break-in especially at night?

This Motion Sensor Solar Lights gives you complete control and security. These lights are one of the latest solar security lights in the market right now. These motion detector lights are activated and emits a bright light when there are any movements. The bright lights help prevent any attempted burglaries or vandalism by startling the intruder.

We know how expensive it is to keep the security lights running! But with the Motion Sensor Solar Lights, you don't have to worry about your electricity bill! No need to plug this into an electrical outlet or worry about checking and replacing batteries. The unit generates its own electricity through our proprietary, market-leading solar power technology. 


  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY SOLAR PANEL & 100 LED SUPER BRIGHT- The upgraded high-powered 100 LEDs provide excellent illumination of up to 1,000 lumens
  • 3 WORKING MODES- The unit comes fully equipped with three (3) working modes to easily and efficiently adapt to different usage scenarios. They are Sensor Mode+/Dim Light Sensor Mode+/Dim Light Long Light Mode.
  • 270° WIDE ANGLE LIGHTING- 4-sided LED wide-angle lighting design. Thus, the illumination range can now extend up to a state-of-the-art 270 degrees. That means we have expanded the illumination range up to three times than of other lights.
  • 120°& 17ft SENSOR RANGE- The units built-in PIR motion sensor is sensitive to an incredible 120 degree detection range and 17-foot sensor length.
  • WATERPROOF/MOUNTING- The motion sensor unit is all-weather proof, so itll be there when you need, rain or shine. And the best part, all it takes to mount this unit is a few screws.
Motion Sensor Solar Lights
Motion Sensor Solar Lights
Motion Sensor Solar Lights


  • Sensor Angle: 270 degree
  • Waterproofing Rating: IP65
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Power: 2W
  • Lumens: 1,000 LM
  • Battery Capacity: 2200MAH
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours (in direct sunlight)
  • Discharging time: 10+ hours (depending on the mode)
Motion Sensor Solar Lights

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Motion Sensor Solar Lights

  • 1 * Expansion Pipe

  • 1 * Screws

  • 1 * User Manual

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