Leg Wedge Pillow

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Wedge Pillows may not be as soft and cuddly as traditional bed pillows, but if pain keeps you from sinking into a deep slumber, these devices help you achieve a much better night's sleep. 

When you lie on the bed or sofa, it can provide support for your legs, make sure your spine line up more easily - put our pillow between your knees or under your knees.

Proper body alignment and relaxed posture during sleep can positively affect the quality of your sleep and help your body recover and rejuvenate.

The 40-degree tilt supports the entire raised leg for optimal rest and reduces fatigue and soreness. Elevates the knees, ankles, and feet for greater comfort.

    HIGHEST QUALITY LEG PILLOW AVAILABLE ANYWHERE - Elevate legs for a safer, deeper, and more restful sleep. Create a zero-gravity environment to increase circulation, sleeping elevated is the best way to sleep!

    OUR SECRET IS OFFER A FIRMNESS LEVEL THAT IS JUST RIGHT €“ We offer a leading standard you'll notice the moment you unwrap your new Sleep Jockey leg pillow for sleeping ... In that first resting moment... the realization of quality is there.... soothing, molding, and caressing itself to your unique body shape but still firm enough to support you for a full night's rest.

    BED REST JUST GOT A WHOLE LOT COMFIER €“ Many patients shudder at the thought of doctors ordered bed rest. Now you can show them you care with this leg wedge as a thoughtful shower gift!

    COMES TO YOU IN CONVENIENT ROLLED PACKAGING - Just like your favorite mattress, our Sleep Jockey Leg Wedge comes shipped rolled in an easy to open the packaging.

    OUR CLEVER SUPPORTIVELY ELEVATE SYSTEM introduces a simple way to lift legs while lying in bed or anywhere. While reducing lower back pressure and increasing circle. 

    Built to last for years. Made for daily use from the whole family.


    Material: Ultra-luxurious 300 Thread count Egyptian cotton
    Colors: Blue
    Size: 10 x 16 x 20 inches

    Package Include:

    1 — Releame„¢ Leg Wedge Pillow

    BONUS: 1 X Mosquito Repellent Button


    Q: Can you inflate by mouth or use another type pump?

    A: Yes, you can either use your mouth or the Contour Products air pump. Of course the air pump will make it easier, but inflating it by mouth is do-able.

    Q: Can this be used every night or is this just for travel?

    A: You can use it every night if you want.. Just keep it inflated

    Q: Is this material hot to sleep on?

    A: Hi there! Experiencing heat while using a wedge is typically associated with using a memory foam wedge because the foam tends to hold heat. However, since this wedge is inflatable it is less likely you will get too hot at night. This may vary from person to person but using a lightweight sheet placed on top could help to whisk away sweat and keep you cooler.

    Q: Does it come with a punp?

    A: No, it does not come with a pump. But we purchased a plug-in (electric) pump for less than $25 from a local department store. We used this leg pillow and a wedge inflatable pillow so I could replicate my sleep position (in a recliner) in a bed on a cruise, and in hotels during travel. They worked like a charm. Inflates very quickly, and deflates without a struggle for packing.


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