4 Color Walk Game

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Improve your kids motoric skills through fun and games!

œ” SIMPLE TO PLAY: Stimulate your kids brain and mind with a very simple game! Your little ones need to randomly extract a title card, move it up, down, left and right to achieve the graphic effect on the card!

œ” SHAPE RECOGNITION: Improve your kids shape recognition ability through fun! Teach them to recognize quadrate, triangle, circle, and other shapes!

œ” COLOR RECOGNITION: Exercise your childrens color recognition ability in a very interesting and a little bit challenging game!

œ” BETTER MOTORIC SKILLS: Train your little ones thinking and fine motoric skills! They can play the game whenever and wherever!

Motivate your children to learn through fun and games! If they are over three years old, treat them with a game they will simply love! Improve their motoric abilities, logical thinking, and their recognition ability! Playing the game, they will learn to recognize multiple different colors and shapes!

The rules of the game are very simple. Your kids only need to move the color blocks on the board to the same position as they are on cards. Let them be challenged with a limited-time game! Stimulate your kids brain and creativity easily with 18 fun cards and 18 challenges!

Play the game with your children and promote your relationship! They can play it indoors or outdoors, in school or at home! Make the educational process easy yet efficient for your kids! Watch them proudly as they successfully solve all of the challenges before the time is up!

Stimulate their creativity with an interesting and challenging game! Get yours today!

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