Capo Tuner

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Simply tune your guitar in seconds!

œ” HIGH SENSITIVITY: More convenient than others, this tuner detects the note and displays it in seconds!

œ” SUITABLE FOR LOTS OF INSTRUMENTS: You can use the tuner on every kind of guitar but also banjo and ukulele! Just place it on the instrument neck and start playing without any worry! 

œ” WIDE DISPLAY: With the wide LCD screen you can see the letters even in the dark! It extremely easies playing! 

œ” USEFUL FOR BEGINNERS: You can have perfect insight into the music youre playing thanks to the capo tuner! Great accuracy is guaranteed!

Facilitate your guitar practice and carry the multifunctional Capo Tuner anywhere you go!

The tuner allows you to have an accurate insight into the tone youre making! It quickly lets you know if the strings are flat, sharp, or just right! The tuner responds surprisingly fast and ignores background music which makes it suitable for loud places!

Easily attached, the soft rubber pad wont make any damage to your guitar! Be assured the tuner stands in one place to the non-slip design! It can be used on different types of guitars including electric and acoustic ones, but also on violin, banjo, ukulele, or mandolin!

The large LCD screen ensures excellent visibility even in dark environments! The portable capo tuner can be used while you practice or perform thanks to the compact design

Reach a perfect sound easily! Get yours today!

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